Our dedicated investor relations team has a track record of more than 30 years in advising boards, senior executives and IROs worldwide to build their profiles amongst the investment community and nurture relationships with key decision makers.

Whether you are looking to attract debt or equity investors, enhance your investment case or gain a better understanding of how your key messages are being received and interpreted by the investment community, we can help.

Enhancing the Investment Case

A strong investment case helps to underpin a company’s liquidity in the market, essential for price discovery, by attracting a wide investor base along with an appropriate level of sell-side coverage.

Without clear key messages resonating consistently across all your information materials and in your delivery during meetings, this can restrict the effectiveness of your engagement with analysts and investors. Our IR team is able to help you articulate a compelling but balanced investment case, and also advise on its optimal delivery. Our team can support your efforts further by conducting in-depth benchmarking of your communications materials and perceptions research among your target audiences, incorporating the findings from such research within our bespoke strategic advice.

Broadening the Shareholder Base

To support your efforts in encouraging a stable, long-term and supportive shareholder base, we are able to conduct reviews of your existing shareholder base and identify potential new investors through a cross analysis of holdings in your direct peer group and companies with similar financial characteristics. We are then able to screen these targets to ascertain the depth of knowledge and understanding of your company and assess the appetite for investing along with potential triggers.

Building Sell-side Coverage

Whether you are a newly-listed company in need of building sell-side coverage or have been neglected by your sector analysts, our team can devise an appropriate engagement programme to raise your profile and gain new followers.

IPO Preparation

The moment you become a listed company, your IR team should be ready to hit the ground running.

This means that all preparation must take place well in advance of Listing. Our team can help with the recruitment process, development of procedures and policies for dealing with investors, and identification of designated spokespeople within the company. To ensure you are well placed to build on the moment created by the IPO, we can help refine your key messages and information materials, arrange a non-syndicate analyst presentation, support preparation for your first financial results announcement and devise a comprehensive engagement programme for the next 12 months.

Financial Reporting

IR teams spend more time preparing for financial results than on any other activity.

We recommend treating these announcements as an opportunity for proactive engagement with the investment community. Our team can provide a fresh objective review of your materials, full logistical support and comprehensive presentation rehearsals and Q&A practice.

Proactive Engagement

In addition to supporting your communications efforts around results, we can devise a proactive engagement programme for existing and potential shareholders, involving both executive management and the IR team. This would encompass non-deal roadshows, participation in broker-hosted conferences and company-hosted events (conference calls / webcasts, site visits, small group events and capital markets days).

Managing Expectations

According to our most recent research, around 40% of companies have been forced to revise their year-end guidance during the financial year.

As expectation management becomes more challenging, consensus management and guidance strategy take centre stage in investor relations. We go further than simply collating analyst forecasts on your behalf but conduct a thorough analysis of analyst models, including a review of underlying assumptions which can be a source of vital market intelligence.

Optimising the IR Function

Having investor relations at the core of a company’s communications with the markets is key to its effectiveness.

It is essential for building and maintaining strong relationships with the investment community that there is top-level support from the board, executive management and across the company. We are able to advise companies on the positioning of their IR function, internal structure and responsibilities, resourcing required, along with devising comprehensive IR programmes.

Evaluating Effectiveness

To evaluate the effectiveness of your investor relations efforts, we deploy a number of qualitative and quantitative measures. These include research into external and internal perceptions, monitoring of the shareholder register, regular reviews of activities undertaken throughout the year as well as trends in market metrics and other trading indicators.

Activist Defence

With the continued rise in shareholder activism, understanding the risks of an approach and having a response strategy in place is critical. Our team can assess your vulnerability based on a range of criteria typically deployed by activist investors, examine the quality of your investment case, identify current and emerging investor concerns and review the make-up of your shareholder base. We will devise an action plan to strengthen your narrative and broaden management support among existing shareholders, and prepare a response strategy through engagement with relevant internal and external parties. In the event of an approach, we will advise on the activist’s track record, support analysis of their proposals and facilitate constructive engagement. If the activist commences a media campaign we can also offer comprehensive media engagement in order to ensure that any misleading messaging about your firm is addressed, that journalists covering the story understand your perspective and that a fair and balanced narrative is communicated in the press.


Even the best thought-out strategies require impeccable execution. We can provide an additional resource to your team or take full control of logistical arrangements to ensure your IR events run smoothly.


Citigate Dewe Rogerson publishes annual surveys that bring clarity to debates on investor relations issues. Our 2019 survey collates and analyses responses from 479 IROs, representing companies from 61 countries, with a combined market value of over $3 trillion.

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